Coronavirus Update

At present we are closed following ​Government regulations on COVID-19. We will be reopening in line with government regulations on the 17th May in line with the roadmap that's been set out. 

In order to ensure the safety of all our guests and islands, we have had to make a few alterations to the cleaning process and the check-in and check-out procedures. There are also some changes to the way shops and restaurants are operating on the island.

Please read the information below so that you can be prepared for your trip and make sure you have a safe and enjoyable stay. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Visiting the islands

Staying at the Association

Face masks are compulsory - please make sure you have face masks for your journey and for your stay. 

Visiting the Isles of Scilly FAQs - please read this as it has a lot of useful information.

Food - you will be pleased to know that the Island now has increased options for your daily essentials.


Please be aware that island provisions are limited at times and currently most shops have reduced capacity, queuing for supplies may be required. 


There is a small pharmacy on St Mary’s but because of the pandemic they have specifically made a request for guests to bring as many of their own supplies as possible as stocks are limited.



The Covid-19 situation has meant that we need to think carefully about reducing risk as much as possible. Therefore we have had to make some alterations to what we offer within the property to reduce risk.

Your stay


Following guidance and to ensure we minimise any risk during your stay we have had to remove the following items, so please be mindful that the apartment will look a little bare.

  • Decorative cushions, bedspreads and throws (on beds and sofas).

  • DVDs

  • Books

  • Games cupboard out of use

  • Decorative vases/ornaments 


You are welcome to bring your own DVDs or games but please make sure you take these back with you as otherwise it will have to be disposed of.


We will be providing cleaning materials in the apartment for your stay.



With new cleaning procedures in place, check-in will be later on. If the property is ready before 6pm, the agent will call you. If you are concerned about getting in please feel free to contact them.


The key will be left in the door for your arrival. Please make sure you do not enter the property during the time the cleaners are there as this can set back the clean.



Island Carriers are offering a service to hold your luggage for you until the apartment is ready. We'd encourage you to take up this option if possible.


Alternatively you can leave your luggage in the store cupboard downstairs as long as it's for a minimal period.