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About us

The Smeeton Family

Smeeton Ltd is a family business that own the Association.

Shareen and Jeff Smeeton together own and manage the apartment.

Jeff has a long connection with the islands spending most of his easter holidays on St Mary's visiting cousins. He used to stay in the Association which in those days used to be run as a B&B. Jeff and Shareen visit the islands every year seeing family and making a holiday of it. 

Previous owners, Celia and Terry Hiron (our Aunt and Uncle) managed all the self-catering flats in Warleggan for over 30 years and as they decided to retire, we seized the opportunity to become residents on this beautiful island.

The Association is named after a famous war ship called 'Association' captained by Sir Clowdisley Shovel. His ship, the 'Association' was shipwrecked on Scilly and our uncle, Terry Hiron was one of the first to dive on the wreck. Most of the apartments in Warleggan have been named after the shipwrecks that crashed on the Isles of Scilly, which Terry Hiron discovered.

We think the islands speak for themselves so all the pictures shown on our website are our very own pictures that we have taken from our time on Scilly.

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